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Send questions to post to with "website advice" in the subject line.
In this section, we will provide advice for those living with victims of BDD. Most people that know somebody with BDD have no clue as to what they should say or do to help their loved one. They get discouraged, feeling like nothing is having any influence. If you would like to ask any questions, and receive answers from a BDDer perspective, please email them to, and we'll post them here with our advice.
Don't compare the BDDer to another person or celebrity
People with BDD are highly sensitive individuals who equate looks with their value as a person. Although a comment about the attractiveness of another person may seem harmless to you, for a person with BDD, it will be a knife stabbing them through the heart. This comment could also lead them to form obsessions relating to this wanting to look like this person. You shouldn't need to always tell a person with BDD that they are beautiful, as they will start to believe that appearances really do matter above all else. But also keep in mind that you shouldn't talk about other people's appearances as well. The best way to go is to concentrate on other aspects of personality, and avoid conversing about appearances altogether.