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The following links will take you to various helpful resources on the web. If you would like to submit a link to this section, please email it to:

This section has been broken down into the following categories. You can use the following links to jump directly to the category you wish to view, or you can just scroll down to browse through all available information:
1. General BDD Links
2. Forums
3. Transcripts
4. Videos
5. Therapy Links
6. Medications
7.Foreign BDD Sites
8. Other Disorders and General Mental Health Links
9. Body Image Sites
10. Support Groups

General BDD Links:
What is BDD?: This is a good beginning article to find out the most basic and general information about BDD.
BDD Aware To educate individuals of all age groups of the symptoms of Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and the effects of this illness.
Guide to BDD: This page gives a good overview of what BDD is, along with example and statistics.
Massachusetts General Hospital BDD Unit A new web site which promotes awareness and understanding of BDD. Includes information on a NIMH-funded research study offering free individual cognitive behavior therapy for people with BDD, as well as a number of other studies.
Body Image Program: Here's a link to Katherine Phillip's Body Image Program at Butler Hospital.
Teens with BDD/Anorexia A forum created for young sufferers with BDD and/or anorexia.
20/20 Transcripts: Here, you will find the transcripts from a 20/20 news show on BDD.
Videos and Radio Interviews: Radio Show on BDD This will take you to the archives of, where you will find a show on BDD. This station covers many interesting topics related to psychology and it is worth listening to.
60 Minutes Video Clip: Here, you will find a short video clip on BDD from the television show, 60 minutes
Therapy Links:
Rebt Website: This site offers information on rational emotive behavioral therapy.
Feeling This is an informative website on Cognitive Therapy, with some good books, questions and answers, and tutorials as well.
Motherwave A recommended source of deeply supportive empowerment training aimed at melting down negative beliefs.
Music Therapy: The Power of Music Examines the power of using popular music, something
people already listen to, in therapy. Includes examples of therapeutic
messages in popular music as well as original music by Freudian Slip,
therapeutic rock band.
Anger Management Product This is a site which offers a product which allows one to release anger in a productive and safe manner.
CBT: You can find information on the history and uses of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as well as doctors in your area that specialize in this type of therapy.
Imagined Ugliness: This is an article on clomipramine's (an SSRI) effectiveness in treating BDD.

Foreign BDD Sites
German BDD Site BDD Site for German speakers.
Polish BDD Site Site for Polish sufferers.
U.K. BDD Site Site called BDDHelp, created by EmmaJ, for those suffering in the U.K.
Dutch BDD Site Site by Tulip with information for our Dutch BDD sufferers.
Spanish BDD Site
Swedish Site Site by Malin with very active forums for Scandanavian BDD sufferers.
French BDD Site by BlissPeople If you speak French and have BDD, this is the place to be!

Other Disorders and General Mental Health Links
Joshua Children's Foundation Child Abuse can cause post traumatic stress disorder, chronic fatigue, eating disorders, and addictions. This website has healing resources, articles, and recommended books to cope with these issues. This is a site dedicated to recovery from addictive behaviors. This link leads directly to an area of the site which offers useful, action oriented information.
OCF Chicago The Obsessive Compulsive Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago (OCF Chicago) serves adults and children with OCD, their families, and the mental health professionals who treat them. It is the only Chicago area organization dedicated to OCD.
Hope4OCD Dr. Edna Gorbis' organization aimed at diagnosing and treating OCD. Dr. Gorbis also has experience working with BDD.
Psych Central: Dr. John Grohol's Mental Health Page, your personalized one-stop index for psychology, support, and mental health issues, resources, and people on the Internet, since 1995.
Sam Vaknin's Narcissism Website: This is the best information you'll ever find on Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Many people with BDD will be suprised to find that members of their families, or maybe even themselves, are plagued by this disorder. You'll find helpful information on identifying ,dealing with, and understanding narcissistcs as well.
BPD Central: This is a great place to find information about Borderline Personality Disorder. I've notice that many people with BDD had family members that were diagnosed with BPD.
Open Directory Project (BDD): This is a great place to find all the further links and information you might need on BDD. It really has a nice, comprehensive collection of sites.
Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center:

This site is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. The tone of the site is optimistic and hopeful, and offers direction and help in addition to information.
Monte Nido Eating Disorder Treatment Center

A residential treatment center for women suffering from anorexia, bulimia and
compulsive exercise.
Eating Disorder Center of California

An intensive day treatment and outpatient program for men and women,
adolescents and adults suffering from eating disorders.
Avalon Eating Disorder Center
Avalon is committed to providing a state of the art program of specialized
treatment for the purpose of helping those suffering with Anorexia Nervosa,
Bulimia Nervosa or Atypical Eating Disorders to reclaim their lives. Avalon
believes that integrated treatment by a multidisciplinary staff of eating
disorder specialists provides the best path to recover. Continuity of care
and daily reinforcement is offered in a community based, intensive partial
hospitalization milieu.
Addiction Recovery This is an online community with support, information and resources for women in recovery from addiction.
Grant me the Serenity Addiction, alcoholism, abuse, self-help, eating disorders, and mental health resources. Offers chat, a discussion forum, recovery books and gifts, prayers, quotes, meditations, articles and news, affirmations and free downloads.
The Online Learning Center: This site has links to hundreds of others sites that provide information on BDD.

The Focus of Beauty Daisy's site dedicated to interesting facts and information related to body image.
Denmark Support Group BDD support group aiming to be the number one BDD group in Denmark. Although Danish in origin, it welcomes members the world over.
Accurate Reflections Visit Arie Winograd's website, offering a BDD support group in Los Angeles, California.
San Francisco Support Group OCD and BDD support group located in San Francisco, California.