11/05/06 Main page updated with information on new Southern California and New Jersey clinics specializing in the treatment of BDD! Recommended Doctors page updated with several doctors! Employment Opportunities updated with bilingual position at NMHA! Links page updated with a number of foreign BDD sites!
07/18/06 Main page updated with information on treatment study! Employment section updated with job opportunities from the NMHA!
07/10/06 Main page updated with links to Conference Brochure and new Neysa Jane BDD Fund website! Links section updated with Neysa Jane BDD Fund's website as well! Employment Opporunities section updated with DBSA internship!
06/01/06 Main Page and Key Researchers updated with information on Sabine Wilhelm's new self-help book which was released! Employment Opportunities also updated with job offers from NMHA! The 2nd Annual BDD Conference Announced on the Main Page!
05/15/06 Key Researchers page updated with a title announcement for Dr. Sabine Wilhelm's upcoming self-help book! Additionally, the gallery has been updated with pictures!
05/09/06 The Los Angeles Body Dysmorphic Disorder Clinic is now open! Be sure to check out their new site at!
11/26/05 Link to Joshua Childrens' Foundation added to the links page! It includes resources to help those who were abused as children. Employment Opportunities also updated!
11/10/05 Dr. Sabine Wilhelm's Biography added to key researchers page!
11/07/05 Arie Winograd from Accurate Reflections is appearing on CNN on November the 8th to discuss BDD! More information availalbe on the mainpage.
10/21/05 Employment opportunities have been updated!
10/13/05 Pictures added to the gallery!
09/30/05 Danish support group added to the links page!
09/22/05 Dr. Claiborn's new practice in South Portland, Maine added to the recommended Doctors page!
09/17/05 UK BDD Forum added to the links page!
09/16/05 Added Dr. Phillip's new book to recommended readings , job lisitings, and a picture to the gallery!
09/02/05 Added a link to a Singapore BDD site, a new doctor contact, a picture to the gallery, and information on Katharine Phillips being featured on Oprah to the mainpage!
08/17/05 Link to Malin's Scandanavian BDD Forum and site added to the links section!
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02/20/05 Visit the new BDD Conference website for information on the first North American BDD Conference at UCLA! Photos added to the gallery. Dr. Hollander link added to researchers ,doctors , and links page. New job opportunities listed.
01/24/05 Contact info added to doctors page, pictures added to gallery, call for volunteers added to main page, and new employment opportunities posted!
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10/04/03 New contact to the OCD Resource Center in South Florida was added to the doctors page!
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09/19/03 A very professional looking BDD site for Spanish speakers has been added to the links page!
08/25/2003 Arie Winograd added to the doctors and researchers pages.
03/31/03 Thanks to Barbara, we've got a new article, Ugly: I Want to Die,posted on the articles page
03/31/03 The Neysa Jane BDD Fund, Inc. has a new video and DVD available. For more info, please contact Kathleen Powley at
03/16/03 New eating disorder link added to the links page!
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11/17/02 All treatment pages updated, as well as the homepage.
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